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starnix inc. provides programming and network consulting and training services (notably, in this case, Perforce training). One of the most critical tools in any software project is a high quality SCM product. We have experience with Perforce, RCS, SCCS, ClearCase, CVS and Visual SourceSafe. However, we only support Perforce and CVS.

Our first encounter with Perforce was during an evaluation of Windows SCM products in 1996. Perforce was the only product that had Linux and Solaris clients. Since then, we have been advocating Perforce to clients seeking SCM solutions. Internally, we use Perforce to maintain source code, project documents, web content and tests.

We also assist our clients in every aspect of software product development from the initial planning and requirements development to testing, final release and ongoing support.

A Brief Timeline

Oct 1996:Became a Perforce user and admin
Mar 1998:Became a Perforce Consulting Partner (PCP)
May 2000:Became a Perforce Certified Trainer (PCT)


We maintain some RPMs for perforce (p4d version 99.2 and higher) built for RedHat 6.2 and later. For a description of what they include over the binaries, read this message. The RPMs can be downloaded from:

Contact Information

Matthew Rice
Starnix Inc.
5613 Annabelle Ave
Mississauga, ON L5V 3B1

phone: 1.647.722.5301

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