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Richard Brooksby

We can help you work out what you need from configuration management, define goals, and get your configuration management adding measurable value to your organization quickly.

Richard Brooksby is a founder, director, and senior consultant with Ravenbrook Limited, offering a wide variety of software engineering management consultancy, from programming to business strategy, from requirements to delivery, including Perforce and general configuration management.

Perforce is an excellent tool. But tools alone don't guarantee success. Do you know how to apply Perforce to best effect?

Are you organized to maximize the value of your product? See my white paper Requirements and Change.

I work with both large and small clients to help sort out configuration management problems. Most often these aren't just technical problems, but reflect deeper trouble. See my white paper Changing how you Change for a case study.

We are consultants to Perforce Software themselves. We designed, developed, and maintain the Perforce Defect Tracking Integration.

Please contact us or visit Ravenbrook's web site at http://www.ravenbrook.com/ for further information.

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