Perforce Consulting Partner

Kumaran Santhanam


Since its inception, Total Phase has been providing consulting services for many high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. These services range from on-site consulting work to off-site projects in a wide number of areas.


Total Phase has provided expertise in a variety of fields including embedded systems, e-commerce, financial systems, end-user software, and verification. We always strive to provide the highest quality work in the most efficient way possible. It's no wonder that most of our customers come to us through personal recommendations.

Perforce / SCM

We are experienced in Perforce, RCS/CVS, ClearCase, and Visual SourceSafe and recommend conversions from other SCM systems to Perforce to increase our clients' efficiency and productivity. Our focus is to provide the customer a complete solution so that they can be up and running as quickly as possible. At the customer's option, this may include hardware, software, installation, training, and/or build system development.

Build Infrastructure

For many customers, it is desirable to implement an automated build infrastructure that can be used to provide repeatable and sustainable results throughout the software development process. We are experts in local and distributed Make tools as well as newer tools such as Ant. Our expertise spans many platforms, from embedded to server, allow us to implement clean and efficient cross-platform build systems for a wide variety of applications.


Our clients range from small to large, encompassing some of Silicon Valley's leading companies. We have provided a section listing a selection of past and present clients so that you can see for yourself.

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