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About the P4DTI

The Perforce Defect Tracking Integration (P4DTI) connects your defect tracking system to Perforce, so that you don't have to switch between them and enter duplicate information about your work. It also links changes made in Perforce with defect tracker issues, making it easy to find out why a change was made, find the work that was done to resolve an issue, or generate reports relating issues to files or codelines.

Please see the P4DTI product information page for a more detailed description.

Please see the readme.txt file for supported defect trackers and platforms, installation instructions, known issues, etc.



Full documentation is included with the P4DTI distribution. The documentation is also available here in the Perforce Public Depot for easy browsing.

The Integration Kit

The P4DTI is open source, and a documented integration kit will be available for those who want to adapt the software for their own needs or extend it to do new things. The kit will include sources, design documents, the P4DTI Integrator's Guide, and build procedures.

The kit will be available by the beginning of 2001-04 (April).

Project Background

The P4DTI was developed between 2000-02 and 2001-03 by Ravenbrook Limited as an open project. All of the project reports, plans, designs, source code, and other documents are visible at the project web site at <>. The product is still maintained there.

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