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Source and documentation for Perforce's WebKeeper, an Apache Web Server module providing browser access to Perforce depots.


Stephen Vance. Please email if you have submitted contributions you'd like published, if you have ideas for enhancement, or if you have preferences among the potential enhancements listed below.

Source Files

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In Progress

  • Add basic authentication against Perforce user database as alternative to user and password in httpd.conf.

Updated April 30, 2001

  • Add version string to the Apache start string for visible evidence during startup.

Updated September 27, 2001

  • Add apxs build, primarily to allow easier builds for binary distributions and to address EAPI warnings on Red Hat. Thanks to Kyle Vanderbeek for the basis of this change.
  • Fix array management bug.

Updated September 23, 2001

  • Added WebKeepRefresh directive to assist with content that is not directly requested by a browser, such as PHP includes.

Updated September 4, 2001

  • Builds using Apache 1.3 APACI structure
  • Updated to Apache 1.3 API
  • Supports both static configurations and loadable modules
  • Enhanced documentation for new options and common configurations
  • New WebKeepSync directive to facilitate server-side scripting like PHP, server-side includes and Perl
  • New WebKeepDirectoryIndex directive to flexibly complement Apache DirectoryIndex
  • Built and tested on several version of Red Hat Linux and FreeBSD.

Potential Enhancements

The following enhancements are being considered for future versions. If you have a preference or if you have an idea that is not on the list, please contact the curator.

  • Add support for mass virtual hosting, analogous to mod_vhost_alias functionality.
  • Add binary loadable modules to the depot for ease of installation.
  • Port to other platforms. Most prominent are probably Solaris and Windows. This depends on platform availability and updates to compilers for P4API builds. Please contact the curator.
  • Add WebKeepScriptAlias to eliminate some redundant mappings for /cgi-bin and the like.
  • Reduce the number of errors logged to the Apache logs.
  • Add WebDAV support for direct submission to the depot.
  • Add directory listing capability.
  • Port as an ISAPI filter for IIS.
  • Increased integration with application servers, including the major J2EE servers and Zope.
  • Add availability of P4 environment variables to execution contexts.
  • Support Apache 2.0.

In Progress

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