Sandy Currier has extensive experience in all aspects of software manufacturing, including SCM tool selection and roll-out, bug tracking, and releasing and installation process design.  He can create customized Parallel Software Development Environments (PSDE's) by determining the necessary 'glue' to efficiently support developer innovation and management insight, even when the best fit changes over time and is a function of codeline lifecycle.  Sandy's development philosophy is a cross between Agile methodologies and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) techniques.  He believes in the appropriate application of best practice SCM patterns.

Sandy offers a solid and proven expertise in Perforce as well as build and release systems.  He has implemented both recursive and non-recursive build systems that support nightly, continuous, and on-demand requirements.  He has created a commercially avaiable release engineering tool called ReleasePro to facilitate and automate the release workflow.  He also implements SCM and defect tracking integrations, including integrations with IBM's ClearQuest defect tracking tool.

Sandy has worked for companies ranging from 10 to ~350 developers (Perforce licenses).  He has employed Perforce to roll-out and manage multi-million dollar web sites, including both frontend and backend software development workflows as well as content deployment.  He has deployed Perforce in 24/7 mission critical commerce applications as well as high-tech software startups.  He also employs Perforce as his own in-house SCM tool both for development and web site management.

Via the open-source P5 Layer software product, Sandy distributes a software layer on top of Perforce that supports a dynamically backed private developer branch SCM pattern. 


Release Engineering Inc.
265 Davis Road
Bedford, MA 01730-1515 USA
Telephone: 781.698.9793

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