Zach Helke

Zach has been using Perforce since 1999 as a developer at, his current employer. He has since worn many different hats, but the most prominant has been to be the in-house Perforce expert, a responsibility that he has carried with him to his current position as a Unix Systems Administrator.

Zach's formal introduction to IT was in 1991, where he started his first job as a PBX technician for Phoenix Tel-Data, in Corpus Christi, TX. He has since worked as a web developer, programmer, UNIX/VAX/Windows/Netware system administrator, content manager and digital artist for such employers as: Sam Houston State University, Perot Systems, and the University of California at Los Angeles. He has also done freelance work in the past for and Aquent Partners in a variety of roles.

Contact Information

Zach Helke
3355 Wilshire #1416
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Tel: 310.628.1594

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