How to Contribute

  • To contribute to the Public Depot, you'll need to become a registered user. To apply, please send email to, describing the tools, scripts, or documents you'd like to contribute. You must provide your full name, which we will use to assign your Perforce user ID. (E.g., if your name is Sammy Davis, Jr, your user ID in the Perforce Public Depot will be sammy_davis_jr.)
Client Setup
  • If you're not already using Perforce, you'll need a Perforce client program for your development platform. Go to our downloads page and download the client for your platform.
  • Follow the instructions in the tutorial to set up a client workspace with a guest branch view for yourself.
Submitting Files
  • You are free to submit any files or changes to your guest branch. If you're new to Perforce, see the tutorial for a guided example of how to work on files.
  • When you have something in your guest branch that is completed and ready to be integrated into the public branch, please email the curator of the project you're targeting. Curators are listed in the index.html files at the top level of each project (see the Depot Roadmap, above). The curator will review your files and integrate them into the public branch.
Notes on Access Permissions
  • There are two depots in the Public Depot: //public and //guest. All users, registered or not, have read access to all files in both depots.
  • All users have read access to all changelist descriptions, user specs, client specs, etc.
  • Only registered users have write access, and only to the files in his/her guest branch. (That is, you can only submit files in the //guest/your_name path.)
  • Only Perforce staff, and "curators" designated by Perforce staff, have write access to files in the //public depot.
More Information