The Jam Project

About This Project


Source and documentation for Jam, a software build tool.


At this time, curatorship of this project is shared by Perforce staff. Please email if you have submitted contributions you'd like published.

Source Files

  • The stable version of Jam is rev 2.4, March 2002. To get that revision into your workspace, please sync to //public/jam/src/...@1659

    The head of //public/jam/src/... is presently Jam 2.5rc3, the third Jam 2.5 release candidate. If no "showstopper" bugs are found in Jam 2.5rc3, it will renamed to become the final (and "official") Jam 2.5 release.

  • To see what's in been happening in the source, see the changelist descriptions.
  • For downloading, the current source files are also mirrored on the Perforce FTP site here.


Mailing List

Users can discuss Jam on the Jamming mailing list.

Helpful tips and ongoing discussion can be found in the Jamming archive.

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