I backed a change out of one codeline, but I don't want to back it out of the codeline that's branched from it. Now, every time I integrate between the two codelines, Perforce wants to integrate the backing-out change. Is there a way to tell it not to?

I assume you've backed out the change using the method describe in Tech Note 14, where you submit a change that puts files back to their old contents. You do have to integrate this backing-out change, but you can choose to "ignore" it. Consider this scenario:

The next time you integrate from //depot/main to //depot/branch, Perforce will want to propagate @250 -- that is, it will want to back the same change out of //depot/branch that it did out out //depot/main. Which is not what you want, in your case.

What you have to do now is integrate @250 from main to branch, using the resolve step to tell Perforce you want the the actual deltas to be ignored. Here's how:

  p4 integ //depot/main/...@250,@250 //depot/branch/...
  p4 resolve -ay 
  p4 submit

(March 1998)


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